A well-designed bath is so much more than a place to groom ourselves. An airy and beautiful bathroom becomes a respite, a getaway, a spa-like retreat. The baths in Greg Welch homes are designed to surround the user in luxury and comfort, incorporating the highest quality tiles, metals, woods and glass to beautiful effect. Plenty of space to move about freely is part of the design, as well as storage cabinets and closets for tucking belongings out of sight. Uniting form and function, Greg Welch creates spaces you’ll love to use.


“Greg Welch built a home for us in NorthWest Crossing. It was the first time either of us had ever built and I was very uncomfortable going into the process. I needn’t have been. Greg made the entire undertaking not just acceptable, but it actually ended up being both fun and a great learning experience.

The custom home we built was a 3 bedroom and 2.5 bath two story home on a corner lot. In addition, the project included a mother-n-law apartment over the detached garage. NorthWest Crossing has very detailed CC&R’s which required help in navigating what we could build and how.

Even during the planning process Greg was a pleasure to work with. We ended up not just builder and clients, but fast friends. As the project came together, there were the inevitable problems which crop up no matter how much you plan every detail. Each time one of these issues came up, Greg proposed something completely fair and equitable so that everyone came away feeling good about the resolution.

I would build again with Greg without hesitation if the opportunity arose and would be happy to personally confer with anyone considering doing so.”

— Gerald H. Itkin and Joan F. Sears

“Deschutes Window and Door Company has been providing windows, doors, stair packages and trim to Greg Welch since 1998. During that time we have found that Greg builds very nice houses. He is very concientious an his attention to detail is excellent. Greg builds high value houses with the best materials available. For his customers his homes are a great value and working with Greg is always a pleasure.”

— Mick McDonald, Deschutes Window and Door Company, Inc.