So much of our days are spent enjoying the spaces we inhabit. The living room, in particular, can be the central force of a house—the place we relax in the evening and spend long lazy weekends. The room we decorate for holidays and dress up for important events over the course of a year. The dining room is where we celebrate special occasions and enjoy delicious meals and times spent together. We want these rooms to be comfortable and functional, and to reflect our sense of style and family. Greg Welch understands that desire, and creates warm, inviting living and dining spaces for families to sink into.


“Now that we are settled in, we want to thank Greg for the quality and effort put into our home. Even though this was a spec home, we have yet to find something that we didn’t like. More than that, we continually find little details that please and surprise us.

Further, the subcontractors that have come by to fine tune the home, or instruct us in using the upscale equipment, have all been courteous and helpful. Of course, we have to commend Brad who was actually here to help us once before we even got off the phone.

Whenever we tell people where we moved, they all respond with: “Oh, the nice house on the corner. We love that house!” We agree. We love it too. Thank you and your team for putting so much care into it.”

— Susan and Bill Dierdorff

“My wife and I decided to build a custom home in Northwest Crossing. We had been referred to Greg, and saw some of his work, and were immediately focused on his excellent product. Greg spent many hours with us, on lot selection, then with his top-notch team – designing our dream home.

We had never built custom before, and the task was daunting. Greg and his staff prepared us for what was to come. We had all of our questions answered and dealt with in a very timely manner. Greg’s design team (staff and sub-contractors) really assisted us in selecting the best materials, colors and fit/finish for the project. We broke ground in November 2010 – and the house won several awards at the 2011 Central Oregon Builders Association home tours. After Greg finished the home, we knew it would place well, but it stole the show for our group. Thanks Greg!

We would recommend Greg and his team to our family, friends and anyone wishing to have a great experience in building their home.”

— Mark and Alice Sole