It’s true that every good party winds up in the kitchen. A well-designed kitchen quickly becomes the natural hub of the house, the go-to gathering place for family and friends to come together. Fantastic kitchens are where we prepare the foods that sustain our family and where we often share those meals together. But often enough, an attractive, seamlessly designed kitchen becomes the place we share a large portion of our lives. Greg Welch takes this into account, crafting luxury kitchens with flawless design combined with impeccable style and state of the art features, appliances and accessories. Spaciousness, ease of movement and generous pools of space are all taken into account. We create the space; you create the party.


“Greg Welch is an outstanding builder and we would gladly build another home with him. We found Greg and his team to be deeply committed to quality, craftsmanship, collaboration, and helping us realize our vision. We discovered Greg Welch’s homes on our first visit to Bend, Oregon.

Having built 6 new homes in five states over a 30-year time span, we knew quality homebuilding when we saw it. Greg’s commitment to high quality materials, craftsmanship, custom appointments, and strong sense of space really distinguished him from other builders.

We met with Greg a few days and shared our vision for a new home. He was not only supportive but also sincerely excited about building a home for us. Within a few days the process was set in motion. We enjoyed the details of the homebuilding process with Greg. While we remained in Virginia for much of the building process Greg made us feel like we were there. On periodic visits to Bend we were gratified to see the solid foundation, sturdy construction, and attention to design details. Our custom design meant there were significant collaborative design planning sessions between the Greg Welch team and us. Sure changes needed to be made, but always Greg exhibited the flexibility and agility to cope with changes and often recommend improvements as he saw the project develop.

Greg’s choice of sub-contractors is deserving of special praise, whether its cabinetry, tile setting, flooring, painting, HVAC, landscaping or stone masonry, it was quality materials in the hands of artisans.

Choosing Greg as our builder meant that not only did we get a truly great home, we count ourselves fortunate to have him as a friend. In fact we consider the friendship of his team members, sub-contractors, and vendors an unexpected added benefit. For anyone considering purchasing a home, or building one, we would recommend Greg with no hesitation. Should we ever decide to enter a building project again, we would choose Greg.”

— The Nicholas Family – Paul, Tom and Belinda